IIX’s Impact Investing ecosystem includes all the market intermediaries necessary for the creation of social capital markets. IIX has a dynamic and extensive network of local and regional Ecosystem Partners that include financial institutions, accounting firms, law firms, rating agencies, and government entities. These Ecosystem Partners increase the long-term sustainability of Social Enterprises by deepening stakeholder engagement and consequently improving their effectiveness in producing social/environmental and financial returns. Ecosystem Partners also play a valuable role in the investment process assisting both SEs and impact investors throughout the process of preparing for and executing a capital raising transaction and/or a listing. Invesment Analysis IIX is currently building the ecosystem for the Impact Exchange: a network of social advisors (to be accredited as Authorized Impact Representatives or AIRs), financial advisors such as corporate advisors and brokers as well as investment banks and private banks. All these parties play a role in, amongst others:

  • Helping applicants prepare to list on the Impact Exchange
  • Providing impact assessment services to applicants
  • Guiding issuers on compliance with post-listing ongoing obligations
  • Introducing investment opportunities to investors
  • Facilitating investor access to Impact Exchange
If you are interested to find out more about working with Impact Exchange as an ecosystem partner or becoming an AIR on Impact Exchange, contact us at info@iixglobal.com.

Our Partners:

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